Worship Arts

At Crossview, we recognize that our worship of God includes so much more than the music we use or our traditions.

Worship happens both privately and also in the gathered community of believers.  God’s people have always used music to worship Him and the Scriptures exhort us to worship Him musically.

Our belief is that the most important thing about worship in music is that it honors the object of our singing: our Triune God.

We’ll raise the volume with God-honoring songs you may hear on the airwaves and we sing old hymns to new arrangements accompanied by keyboard, bass, guitar and drums.

We also make sure that there is room to slow down and reflect in our services.

Let’s just say we have a dynamic mixture of songs, sounds, and styles which have a modern feel.

We fully believe that music is not the only art form God uses to connect with people and we’re eager to use other arts to honor Christ.

On Sundays at Crossview our worship teams see themselves as servants, not performers, who help model and provide an opportunity to worship with elements that

  • Exalt our Triune God
  • Honor Jesus the Christ, remind us of His work and character
  • Are culturally relevant
  • Are emotionally honest
  • Honor the Church’s tradition down through ages
  • Serve the congregation by being singable
    • Include variety and creativity

Our hope is that everyone attending will have a genuine encounter with the Living God.

Our prayer is that after worship you remember our awesome God, not our music team

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If you’d like to see if Worship Team might be a good fit for you or have another idea or art form you’d like us to consider, please call or email Pastor Ryan Rumbley

We also schedule monthly extended nights of prayer and worship in music as a congregation.
• NEXT Worship & Prayer night is – To Be Announced

Each week (typically on Thursday) we update our Spotify playlist
with the songs we’ll be using for that week’s Sunday services.

Here are this week’s songs: Here are our most frequent current songs: