We’re Home

As many of you know by now, we made it home!  Glory be to God that our travels (to and from Bolivia) were guarded by his good grace.  We appreciate the many prayers from our brothers and sisters stateside and understand that you were so busy praying for our safe return that you all neglected to pray for warmer weather.  We forgive you!

As the team reflects upon our experiences from the past week, we are certainly eager to share with you the ups and the downs, and most of all the amazing work we’ve witnessed happening in Cochabamba in the name of Christ.  But, we have to first take a moment to thank you all for holding down the fort in our absence, and supporting us (prayerfully and financially).  Without you this trip wouldn’t have been possible!  We also acknowledge that God knows his plans for us and we see but the outer fringes of his work.  We know that this trip was not just about changing the lives of 19 travelers, but rather an impact of infinite possibilities!  Please, as we eagerly share our journey with you, do not hesitate to lean in and speak to us about the “God sightings” you’ve had this past week.  Big or small, we love them all!

Below – a photo from the bus window (notice we are just outside of Hardees in Wisconsin Rapids).  We made it all the way from Chicago to Wisconsin Rapids with minimal problems and then waited on 8th Street for at least 10 minutes while the plows cleared the 8th Street/Expressway intersection!  And the ‘Church Closed’ notice.  What a storm!