Home Visits

Monday was a blessed day.  Our Compassion hosts did a phenomenal job of showing us the life cycle of their programming.  In the morning we met and interacted with the women and babies from the Survival program.  Currently there are 15 women in the program (who are pregnant or have an infant under 1 year old).  Then we got to hear about the “project”, or Child Development Center programming and later visited the GAP program (for students aged 17+) at the mother church (571).  It was great to see what is possible through sponsorship, from early childhood through college.  The maturity and leadership of those young adults was an amazing representation of Christ’s good work in their lives.  Knowing they can reach their potential and share their gifts to help others because of the guidance and development opportunities their sponsorship provided was very impactful for all of us.

As powerful as these visits were, the home visits stole the show.  Several of the team members were able to visit at least one of their sponsored children.  In the evening we shared stories from our visits and reflected on the emotional rollercoaster we were left to process.  Joy to be able to serve these families in this capacity, sadness at the conditions they live in and the sacrifices they make for basic things we take for granted, gratitude for their hospitality and openness, and so much more.

Above all else, the team wants all our Crossview brothers and sisters to know that their sponsorship is making an immediate and tangible difference in these family’s lives.

Coming up…home visits part two and VBS!

(Pictured:  Infant room at the CDC, homework notebook that the mothers complete during the program, Andrea’s home visit, and a few of our little shadows).