Compassion Fun Day

April 12 was National Children’s Day in Bolivia.  It was the absolute best day for a Compassion Fun Day with our sponsored children.  There was music, parades, and street vendors.  Everything was about the kids and for the kids.  It almost felt as though we fell asleep and woke up in Peter Pan’s Neverland!

Our Compassion representatives exceeded expectation again, and were able to arrange for Sam’s new sponsored child to attend Fun Day – even though he sponsored her on Wednesday!  It is clear that the Compassion focus is on the child-sponsor relationship!  Manda didn’t have a child so she graciously offered to float around the park and capture memories.  The other team members met with their children, an interpreter, and in some cases a CDC tutor, parent(s), and/or sibling(s).  The Bush family had the largest group at eighteen, which was quite a sight navigating the park.

We were able to live the day through our child’s eyes and speak to their hearts about Christ’s love for them.  Many of the children had never been to a park before and it was a great environment to allow the child’s personality to shine.  In fact, several of the children chose to shine by energetically paddling themselves and their sponsors into a water fountain on the paddle boat pond!  (Thank goodness it was so warm and clothing dried fast!). Fun Day was also a time to dig deeper and learn more about each other, strengthening the sponsor-child connection.

We returned to our hotel Thursday night with our hearts overflowing to pack and prepare for our long journey home.  But first, a visit to Compassion Bolivia on Friday.