Our Mission

Love God, Love Others and Serve the World

This is our mission at Crossview Church. It originates directly from the Bible (Mark 12:30-31, Mark 10:45, Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19). Our mission statement also accomplishes three things.

  • It keeps us focused on our MISSION
  • It is a picture of the PEOPLE we intend to become
  • It is also the PROCESS of how we are going to fulfill our mission

MISSION: Love God, Love others, and Serve the world – keeps us focused on what the church’s mission is. In a world with many needs and many agendas, this statement provides us with a biblical guide to keep us focused on God’s intention for our existence.

PEOPLE: Love God, Love others, and Serve the world – gives us a picture of what we are trying to accomplish. Jesus gave the church it’s mission when he said “go and make disciples.” We want to be disciples of Jesus Christ. But what is a disciple? We believe a disciple of Jesus is someone who has a passion to follow Jesus (Love God), who grows in biblical community (Love others), and who participates in God’s mission (Serve the world).

PROCESS: Love God, Love others, and Serve the world – also describes the process we will follow to make disciples of Jesus Christ. All the activities of Crossview Church will intentionally be connected to our mission statement. This creates a pathway for people to grow spiritually. When people become a part of Crossview Church, our desire is that they do three things. First, we want them to attend worship services (Love God). Second, we want them to join a life group (Love others). Finally, we want them to serve on one of our ten ministry teams (Serve the World).

OUR PRAYER: No human effort, plan, or strategy alone can accomplish God’s mission. In order to fulfill the mission God gave us, we need him. So while this is the direction we are moving in, we regularly commit ourselves to prayer. We ask God to use our church to transform hearts, minds, and cultures for his glory. With that end in mind, we desire to be a church that is marked by this statement:

Love God, Love Others, Serve the World