A Day for Humility

Amazing, emotional, and awe inspiring.  Today’s visit to Iglesia Evangelica Mundial Jhire (Church Jhire) was that and so much more.  Amidst the pot holes, windy curves and engine straining, we made the roughly 1 hour drive from the City to the church where we were met like royalty.  The congregation was waiting in their Sunday best, waving Bolivian flags and cheering for our arrival.  They lined the rough gravel and rock pathway to the “church” (a semi-level) gravel and rock space with posts and a large blue tarp over it, which I’m told was erected specifically for our less seasoned skin!  Our journey to see them, sometimes more uncomfortable than we are used to, immediately paled in comparison to all the hard work that they had done to prepare for our visit in spite of their more limited resources.

The worship service allowed us to give and receive gratitude, observe Sunday school and dedicate a photo from Crossview.  Some team members were able to meet their sponsored children and family and there were many tears of joy.  At lunch we were able to converse with several of the church staff.  Their testimonials were both heart breaking and inspiring.

After lunch we traveled to the Christ statute.  It was amazing to see it in person and couldn’t have been a better place for the team to reflect on their experiences from the morning!  Every team member braved the gondola ride down the mountain, which ended up being fairly peaceful.

Evening devotions brought us back to our team bible verse with an emphasis on doing nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conceit – and much conversation around how the congregation of Iglesia Evangelica Mundial Jhire lived out Christ’s calling for humility.

Stay tuned, more adventures to come…